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Apple Illustrates Pico Projector Coming to MacBooks

1 - Cover - Macbook with integrated Projectors 
On March 19, 2010, Patently Apple presented a special report titled "Apple Files a Mysterious Projector Patent" which provided an overview of pico projectors coming to Apple's media players, future MacBooks and a possible new product which would combine a pico projector with Apple's AirPort Extreme. Others saw it as a natural for Apple TV and all in all, pico projectors will be for work and play. In today's patent, Apple's R&D team all but confirms that pico projectors are indeed coming to future MacBooks and details a sweeping overview of the system in a patent published yesterday. The patent also generally confirms rumors of HDMI coming to Macs – being that pico projector based MacBooks list this as a possible feature.


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Apple Files a Mysterious Projector Patent

In June of 2009 Apple tried to bury the fact that they had begun preliminary R&D on integrating Pico Projectors into future iPhones and/or other Apple media players - but Patently Apple broke the news. Nine months later a new mysterious projection system patent has emerged. After careful review, we're now able to see that Apple is taking their pico projector research and development to the next level. Apple is now exploring multiple avenues of incorporating pico projectors into their hardware which includes a new and very intriguing application.


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Apple Mages Working on Augmented Reality Magic

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Over the last year, a number of very interesting Apple patents have come to light concerning various technologies that at the time of their publication were simply seen as islands of information unto themselves. Yet in hindsight, I can now see that yet another major Apple trend has emerged in 2009, that of Augmented Reality. I didn't recognize the extent of Apple's involvement in this area of technology until I had read a recent report filed by Nikkei Electronics Asia on this very subject. Once I saw the examples that were being presented in that report, the related Apple patents were easily recognizable. This report takes a peek at the magic that the Cupertino Mages are now conjuring up for us in future products and wonder if we're not actually looking at the beginning phases of some kind of new sixth sense.  

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Future iPhones Will Gain Pico Projector, Videoconferencing & Advanced Content Sharing

 Future iPhone will Gain Pico Projector, Videoconferencing & More - 2009 patent
On June 4, 2009, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals one of the next chapters for Apple's iPhone. Apple reveals that rich two way communications will be included in a future iteration of the iPhone that will allow users to finally transmit and/or share a selected tune, a video of your own or perhaps one from YouTube, a voicemail, podcast, photo and/or document to each other, all in real-time. Apple also clarifies that the iPhone will offer ichat (videoconferencing) and yet leaves the door open for other communication devices; perhaps a future iteration of Apple TV or future smartbook - or should I say iBook. That would be an interesting development, especially for enterprise users. Yet in another striking twist, this patent reveals that an iteration of an iPhone could provide enterprise users with the ability to use the iPhone as a mini projector. But it could likewise be a blast just between friends as you'll discover.  


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Apple Working on 3D Holographic Projection Displays

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3D angelator holographic device, Sci fi Bones, example

On March 20, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a new patent application of Apple's that reveals they're working on a next generation 3D Holographic-like display system. In one application, Apple's display system would automatically authenticate a user, greet them and provide a customized desktop for just that user. Something along the lines of how new computer car systems will adjust the seat and controls for a particular driver.  The Holographic-like displays are based on a projection system and in many cases the impression given is that these systems would apply to applications as diverse as video conferencing, scientific modeling, entertainment and perhaps even forensics. Think of the TV show "Bones" and their use of a device called holographic "angelator."  One of the unique aspects of this invention is that users won't be hassled with 3D glasses or headgear of any kind.   

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