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Just days ago, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo delivered a positive prediction about Apple's coming Mixed Reality Headset being years ahead of the competition due to incorporating a 2-custom chip design. Today, Bloomberg rains on Apple's parade by stating that the 2-custom chip design currently has overheating issues that is likely to force the delay of the product's launch until 2023.


The Bloomberg report notes that "Apple Inc. is considering pushing back the debut of its mixed-reality headset by at least a few months."   


Apple's Mixed Reality headset "was targeted for an unveiling at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June, followed by a release later in the year. But development challenges related to overheating, cameras and software have made it harder to stay on track. That could push the announcement until the end of 2022 or later, with the product hitting shelves by 2023.


The thermal challenges with the headset stem from its use of high-end chips normally placed inside professional laptops. The company is planning to include two processors in its first device, which is codenamed N301, with at least one of them being on par with the M1 Pro chip inside the latest MacBook Pro.


VR Devices from companies like Meta Platforms Inc. shut out the real world and immersed users in a digital reality -- setting the stage for the so-called metaverse. But even VR hasn’t caught on much beyond a core group of gamers.


More than 2,000 Apple employees are now working on its VR and AR hardware as part of a unit called the Technology Development Group, or TDG." The group is headed by Mike Rockwell who has been with Apple for the past 7 years. Rockwell previously worked a Dolby Laboratories Inc. and Avid Technology each for roughly 7 years.  


For more on this rumor, read the full BNN Bloomberg report.


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