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TSMC's top ten customers have been revealed with Apple coming in at number one and accounting for a Quarter of their Revenue



A new report has exposed TSMC‘s top 10 revenue contributors with Apple shown as their number one customer by a wide margin.


The graph below reveals that Apple is the main source of revenue for the semiconductor manufacturing company, accounting for over 25% of the revenue. No other company even comes close.


2 chart  TSMC's top 10 customers by revenue


The piece of data comes from Bloomberg and Digitimes and reveals that after Apple, there is MediaTek, AMD, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Nvidia, Sony, Marvell, STM, and ADI that are the top 10 customers in order.


While Intel is currently not in the top ten, accounting for only 0.84%, that's expected to dramatically rise. According to Digitimes, semiconductor practitioners said that intel's cooperation with tsmc should continue at least until 2025 after 2nm era, for tsmc, intel has the opportunity to jump to become one of the top three customers after 2023 and become one of the main profits. Source. For more on the Intel side of the story, read the Digitimes report


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