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Apple is seeking a judicial review of the warning issued by Russia’s anti-monopoly regulator regarding the App Store

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In April of this year, Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service fined Apple $12 Million for abusing its dominant position in the mobile applications market. Then in late October we learned that Russia’s anti-monopoly regulator had opened an antitrust case against Apple for failing to allow app developers to tell customers about alternative payment options.


Apple was earlier issued a warning over the issue and given a Sept. 30 deadline to "stop the abuse on the market," the Roskomnadzor regulator said in a statement. Roskomnadzor is the Russian federal executive agency responsible for monitoring, controlling and censoring Russian mass media.


The Russian news agency RT, that owns 8 TV channels covering news and documentaries, reported over the weekend that Apple is seeking a judicial review of a warning, which is forcing the iPhone maker to allow app developers to tell customers about alternative payment options when using its App Store platform.


Apple's decision to challenge the Russian ruling is lock in step with their filing with the U.S. court of appeals last week to halt the decision by Judge Rogers that would make App Store Changes on December 9th.


This is clearly a red line issue for Apple that they intend to fight through the courts. This created-issue all began with Spotify and Epic Games pushing antitrust bodies around the globe to break App Store policies to serve their own interests.


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