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Yesterday we reported on on Mark Gurman's latest statements on Apple's coming mixed reality headset "handing games in high-quality virtual reality with snappy chips and high-end displays." Now in a new TF International Securities investor note to clients, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo adds a new revelation about Apple's future headset.


According to Kuo, "The adoption of the latest Wi-Fi specification is a basic requirement for head-mounted displays (HMDs) to improve the wireless experience. New HMDs from Meta, Apple, and Sony will all adopt Wi-Fi 6/6E in 2022.


Wi-Fi 6 is significantly better than Wi-Fi 5 in transmission speed and power consumption, so Meta's latest Oculus Quest 2 supports Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 helps Oculus Air Link operate more stably and allows for a display refresh rate of up to 120Hz (compared to 72Hz or 90Hz for Wi-Fi 5).


We forecast Meta, Apple, and Sony to be the most influential brands in the metaverse device market in 2022, with Meta, Apple, and Sony launching new HMDs in 2H22, 4Q22, and 2Q22, respectively." 


One of the key markets for Wi-Fi 6E is Virtual and Augmented Reality. Below is a brief overview video from the Wi-Fi Alliance.



For more on Wi-Fi 6E in relation to VR, you could also read the 2020 article titled "Qualcomm Says New Wi-Fi 6E Chips Support 'VR-class low latency' for VR Streaming" here.


Kuo did mention Wi-Fi 7, but that's a little down the road. 


10.0F00  Rumors from Ming-Chi Kuo


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