Apple won 42 Patents today covering an AirPower-Type Charging Pad, an Optical System that captures visible & near-infrared light & more
A report by Nikkei Asia today repeats the news that China's BOE has entered Apple's iPhone 13 Supply Chain

While Apple Announces an Event for Monday that will Unleash new Powerful MacBook Pros, iPhone Component Shortages takes their Toll

1 cover Apple Event


Apple is going to unleash the new MacBook Pro next Monday at a special event at Apple Park at 10 a.m. PD. Apple set their artwork as if to convey that Macs will be going into  Warp Drive with their next-gen M1 processor (MX1 or M2).


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2 Apple event


The new MacBook Pro will be the biggest change to the product since the current design was introduced in October 2016. The new models will be the first high-end MacBook Pros to replace Intel Corp. chips with Apple-designed processor, Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg.


Gurman adds that "The latest models will include a new design, a MagSafe magnetic charger, and revamped displays in 14-inch and 16-inch sizes. The devices also will return the HDMI port removed in the last redesign and remove the controversial Touch Bar touch-screen strip from the keyboard.


The new chips will have 10 cores total, including eight high-performance cores for more involved tasks and two low-power cores for more basic operations. They will also come in both 16-core and 32-core configurations for graphics. That compares with the M1, which comes with four high-performance and four low-power cores and seven or eight graphics cores." For more, read the full Bloomberg report.


It's going to be a very busy product week starting with Apple's event followed by Google's event launching their new redesigned Pixel 6 line-up followed by Samsung's Unpack event scheduled for Wednesday. 


On another front, Bloomberg's Debbie Wu is reporting today that Apple is set to cut iPhone 13 production goals due to component delays from Apple partners Texas Instruments and Broadcom. The cut may hit as high as 10 million units from their original projection.


There are signs that the chip crunch is getting worse. Lead times in the industry -- the gap between putting in a semiconductor order and taking delivery -- rose for the ninth month in a row to an average of 21.7 weeks in September, according to Susquehanna Financial Group.


Whether chip shortages will hamper Apple's next-gen MacBook Pro units is unknown at this time. Considering chip shortages is an industry wide issue, it wouldn't be a big surprise to learn that it will extend to Apple's new MacBooks over time.


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