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Interbrand, a subsidiary of the Omnicom group, is a world leader in brand strategy and design consulting. Late yesterday Interbrand announced that for 2021, Apple was the top Global Brand. Topping off the top ten included Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, McDonalds and Disney.


The report noted that Tesla (#14) was the fastest growing brand of 2021, with an unprecedented 184% increase in brand value. Tesla also saw the largest rise in rankings, moving 26 places up the table, closely followed by (moving up 20 places to #38) and PayPal (moving up 18 places to #42).


During the analysis of 2021, the fastest risers significantly outperformed other brands on three factors, revealing the fundamental priorities:


Direction: These brands set a clear direction, ensuring that the entire organization knows where they are going, and are working towards the same ambition.


Agility: These brands move fast, bringing new products and services to market and, where necessary, pivoting to address changing customer needs.


Participation: These brands ultimately bring people on a journey with them and make them part of the movement to create an engaging brand world.


This marks the tenth consecutive year that Apple has been ranked number 1. Our earliest Interbrand report goes back to 2016 where Apple had been number one for the fourth straight year back then.


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