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Apple's CEO announced support for disaster relief related to China's Northern Shanxi Province's devastating floods

1 cover floods in Northern China

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China's Shanxi Province has been hit by heavy rains in recent days, causing more than 1.75 million people to be affected. After Chinese Internet giants such as Tencent and Ant have recently announced donations to help Shanxi, Apple CEO Tim Cook also posted on Sina Weibo today to announce his follow-up.


A Taiwanese report this morning notes that earlier today, Apple's CEO Tim Cook posted a bilingual article in Chinese and English on his Weibo: "As the Shanxi region gradually recovers, we want to do our part to support disaster relief and help reconstruction. Apple will donate money to help affected communities."



According to official statistics from Shanxi Province, a total of 1,757,100 people were affected by heavy rains, 120,100 people were urgently transferred and resettled, another 2,849,600 mu of crops were damaged, and more than 17,000 houses collapsed.


Chinese Internet leader Tencent Technology took the lead in the 10th micro-channel public number announced, the Group's charity foundation will donate 50 million yuan (about NT $ 215 million yuan) assistance Shanxi. Subsequently, Internet companies such as Bytedance, Baidu, Pinduoduo, Alibaba, and Ant Group also announced donations.


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