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Apple has been working on adding new Health Sensors to AirPods Pro in the future and a new WSJ report adds to this body of evidence

1 cover AirPods with Temperature Sensors


Apple has been working on next-gen health sensors for future AirPods for some time now according to several Apple patents that we've covered in reports found here: 01, 02, 03. In 2018 we also reported on Apple adding "Wellness Sensors" to the AirPods trademark in preparation for future use.  


Today, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is studying ways to make AirPods into a health device, including for enhancing hearing, reading body temperature and monitoring posture, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal and people familiar with the plans.


The plans further demonstrate Apple’s ambition to add health and wellness features to devices beyond the Apple Watch, where most of the company’s health functions exist today. Apple is also working on technology that aims to use iPhones to help diagnose depression and cognitive decline, the Journal reported last month.


Apple is already developing prototypes for AirPods to take wearers’ core body temperature from inside their ear, according to the documents reviewed by the Journal" and previously reported on by Patently Apple. For more, read the full WSJ report.


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