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A White Hat Hacker won US$300,000 in a Chinese Cyber Security Competition for Hacking an iPhone 13 with iOS 15

1 cover - Hacker Event in China


It's being reported in China today that a White Hat Hacker at the 4th "Tianfu Cup" International Cyber Security Competiton completed the world's first public remote jailbreak of the iPhone 13 Pro and awarded US$300,000.


2 - $300 000 award for hacking an iPhone 13


The report noted that when a user clicked on a link carefully forged by the attacker, the Safari browser was triggered. Remote code execution vulnerabilities allowed attackers to execute attack commands remotely.


After bypassing the Safari browser protection mechanism, the hacker once again used multiple vulnerabilities in the iOS15 kernel and the A15 chip to perform a combined attack, successfully bypassing multiple security protection mechanisms, and obtained the highest control of the iPhone 13 Pro, allowing the hacker to obtain photo albums, apps and even directly delete data on the device or execute other arbitrary commands. The entire cracking process only took a second to execute.


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