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Today, Microsoft introduced their all-new Surface Laptop Studio with Slide-Out Display, their new Surface Duo 2 Smartphone & more

1 Cover new Surface Book with angled display

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Today Microsoft introduced their all-new Surface Laptop Studio that replaces their innovative Surface Book that allowed the display to detach and become a tablet. With that innovation now gone, Microsoft introduced a new laptop concept that borrows a little from Apple's Magic Keyboard with its floating cantilever design. While it doesn't float above the keyboard, it does move out from its traditional laptop display position to one that moves forward to hide the keyboard when watching a movie, a YouTube video or playing a game.


The new laptop display could also lie flat for those using Microsoft's Pen, and when flat, it acts as a tablet with the flat part of the laptop sitting on the user's lap, unlike other convertible laptops where the keyboard annoyingly rests on the user's lap in tablet mode. Check out the videos below describing this all new laptop design.


The new Surface Laptop Studio Promo Video



Microsoft's Chief Product Officer Panos Panay on new Laptop



The new Surface Duo 2 Promo Video



A Deeper Look at Surface Duo 2



For those wanting to dive even deeper into the Microsoft event or its new product details, check out their webpage here and full keynote here.


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