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Microsoft to release Windows 11 on October 5 and hold a Hardware Event on September 22

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Yesterday Microsoft's Aaron Woodman, Product Marketing and Brand Strategy  announced that Windows 11 would officially launch on October 5th. Today, Microsoft announced that they'll be holding a product event on Wednesday September 22nd or three weeks from today.


At the very least Microsoft is likely to release their next-gen Surface Duo smartphone with new backside cameras to help compete with other Android phones. Rumors have claimed that the Duo will support 5G, use Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 processor and include an NFC chip for contactless payments.


What some are interested in is the new Surface Book. Rumors have claimed that Microsoft made the decision to drop the detachable display that acts like a tablet. That would be considered a move backwards if in fact that drop this unique feature.


Whether Microsoft will use this event to introduce their new dual display Surface Neo, delayed from last year, is unknown. Some rumors have said it's a dead product while others suggest it's still being developed.


2 x msft dual display patent


Microsoft is also a part of Project "Horseshoe Bend" that covers a 17" foldable display supporting a hybrid tablet/notebook device. Patently Apple covered Microsoft's patent for such a device. The device will use Samsung's new 17" foldable display that was granted a design patent back in February.


One of the top reasons that is likely to foil this new device category from debuting this year is the chip and materials shortage. Another possible reason for Neo's delay may be due to the fact that the original Surface Neo device was based on a design based on two-OLED displays held together with a sophisticated foldable hinge. In contrast, the shift of the project to using a single large 17" foldable display from Samsung fundamentally changes the device. So while it would be great to see it surface at the September 22 event, it's likely to be a no-show this year. Though as the saying goes, never say never.


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