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Report Update 9/21/21: New information from Kuo


NOTE: Before starting our report, I wanted to point out that our category archives have been updated to now include the new category titled " Rumors from Ming-Chi Kuo." There are 13 reports in this category as of today and we'll separate Kuo's rumors going forward from our traditional "Supply Chain News and & Rumors" category.   


Now that the iPhone 13 is on the market, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is back with some insights on iPhone 13 while looking ahead to 2022-2023.


Firstly, the pre-order performance of the iPhone 13 series is higher than that of the iPhone 12 series, but it is in line with market expectations.


According to analysts, the pre-order demand for iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max models is significantly better than the other two models, which is consistent with the behavior of Apple's core fans, high-end users, and those with gift-giving needs.


Guo Mingchi also stated that the duration of the iPhone 13 Pro/Max supply shortage may be shorter than that of the iPhone 12 Pro/Max. Last year, the iPhone 12 Pro series of telephoto cameras were short of supply, causing the waiting time for the two phones to exceed 3 months at most. Apple adjusted the supply proportion of the iPhone 13 Pro series to 45-50%, compared with 35-40% last year. This move is in line with market performance. It is expected that the supply of the two new phones will be stable.


For the iPhone 14, Kuo is of the belief that Apple will eliminate the TrueDepth camera notch with a punch-hole design with the Face ID cameras under the display. That move is still a big if, and we'll have to wait for more details leaking in 2022 to confirm if this is reality or a circular rumor.  


Guo Mingchi is also predicted that the 2023 iPhone will support under-screen fingerprint technology.


Lastly, Kuo believes that Apple's first iPhone with a foldable display is expected to be launched in 2024. If true, that would be three years after Google's Pixel Fold (which is to be released this fall) and five years after Samsung's original Galaxy Z Fold.


Update 9/21/21 10: 59 a.m.: In the English report there seems to be an additional remark: " In respect to delaying both an under-display fingerprint sensor and a foldable iPhone, Kuo added that "We believe this will hurt iPhone shipments in 2022 and 2023."


Second Update. The English version added: "Hardware selling points for 2022 iPhones include 1) a new iPhone SE with 5G support (1H22), 2) a new and more affordable 6.7" iPhone (2H22), and 3) two new high-end models equipped with a punch- hole display (replacing the notch area design) and a 48MP wide camera (2H22)." 


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