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Patently Apple follows a few key industry player's patents to keep track on what interesting things that they're working on. Most Apple fans play PlayStation games and this week we discovered that Sony is working on possible additions to a future game controller. The new features include force feedback to improve simulation play, camera(s) and a biometric sensor.  


Sony's patent FIG. 2 below is a first force feedback mechanism for providing resistance force to movement of a joystick (#200) that may be implemented in a computer simulation controller. The first force feedback mechanism may include a collar (#202) around the joystick that is made of a permanently magnetic material. The mechanism may also include plural electromagnets (#204, with four shown in FIG. 2 spaced 90 degrees from each other) that can be energized individually or in appropriate combinations to prove a magnetic force on the collar and, hence, the joystick.


For example, all four electromagnets may be energized to provide resistive force to motion of the joystick in any direction, whereas two adjacent electromagnets may be energized to provide resistive force to motion of the joystick in one general direction but not in another general direction.


Sony's patent FIG. 4 below is a schematic diagram of an example moving mechanism for a magnet in FIG. 3.


2 Sony Playstation future game controller with new features  patent  Patently Apple report


Sony's patent FIG. 11 above illustrates another force feedback mechanism that includes a manipulable control (#1102) such as a joystick or trigger. A motorized force feedback mechanism (#1104) can be coupled to the control  to provide resistive force to the controller. The motorized force feedback mechanism may be implemented by a potentially piezoelectric haptic trigger and motor that create resistance to motion of the controller but that do not completely stiffen the controller.


Sony describes thermal imaging cameras being a part of their "network" system with one or more on the console (AVD, Audio Visual Device) and one on the controller. A number of sensors were listed, with one being a "biometric sensor." Although not elaborated on, it's pretty clear that Sony is considering Touch ID-style biometrics to authenticate users.


Sony provides game scenarios of a road racing game and jet fighter game where the joystick will be of greater value. The magnets of the joystick will be able to better keep a car on the road in tight turns and more.


Sony Interactive's patent application 20210268373 was published this week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It was filed in the U.S. on May 15, 2021.


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