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Last July Apple won the bidding war for "Emancipation" for $105 milion. It was reported late yesterday that Apple Studios movie starring Will Smith will be putting the production on hold following a small number of positive Covid tests among the hundreds of crew working on the movie in Louisiana.


According to the report, the cast and crew were just notified about the hiatus, which starts tomorrow and is expected to last approximately five days.


Done out of abundance of caution, it comes about two weeks into the shoot of the high-profile movie, directed by Antoine Fuqua from a William N. Collage script. This is the latest Hollywood production to pause filming due to positive tests in the past few weeks as the country is grappling with a new Covid wave fueled by the high contagious Delta strain.


Emancipation, originally slated to film in Georgia, moved production to Louisiana, where the actual events in the movie took place. For more, read the full Deadline report.


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