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Today Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a report today stating that the latest survey pointed out that Apple will launch a newly designed MacBook Air in and around mid-2022. One of the main selling points of this new model is It adopts mini LED display, and BOE will be the new supplier of mini LED display for MacBook Air with LG as second supplier.


The report believes that this order is of great significance to BOE. This is the first time BOE has obtained a high-end order from Apple with a high unit price. It will make a significant contribution to BOE's mini LED display design and production capacity and is beneficial to obtaining non-Apple orders.


It is believed that the 2022 new MacBook Air will significantly increase mini LED display shipments due to its lower price product positioning.


The mini LED MacBook Air will provide several housing color options, and the exterior design will be similar to the new MacBook Pro in the third quarter of 2021.


The total shipments of MacBook Air in 2021 are approximately 5.5-6 million units. It is predicted that benefiting from the mini LED MacBook Air, the total shipment of MacBook Air in 2022 will reach 8 million or more.


Since BOE only shipped low-end displays for MacBook Air in the past, it is of great significance to BOE to obtain orders for high-priced mini LED displays. It is believed that this order will help BOE’s Apple business to grow significantly in 2022.


BOE gaining Apple’s mini LED display order will assist the company in improving its ability to design and produce mini LED displays. Benefiting from the improvement of design and production capacity, it's believed that BOE will obtain more mini LED display orders from non-Apple brands.


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