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Apple will become the largest shipper of Smartphones with OLED Displays in 2021, overtaking Samsung

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According to market research firm Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), Apple will become the largest shipper of smartphones with OLED screens this year. More specifically, the report notes that Apple is expected to ship 176 million units of OLED smartphones this year for a market share of 28% while Samsung is to take second place with 145 million units for a market share of 23%. This will mark the first time in a decade that Samsung will lose its top spot on OLED smartphone shipment.


A total of 630 million OLED smartphone is expected to be shipped this year. Other major smartphone makers delivering smartphones with OLED displays include Xiaomi, which is expected to ship 82 million units for a 13% market share while Oppo is expected to come in fourth with 69 million units shipment and an 11% market share.


Apple is expected to continue their lead in 2022.


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