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Apple may adopt IPD (Integrated Passive Device), a disruptive miniaturization technology, in 3nm 2022 iDevices

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It was reported back in March by Global Trade Magazine that a recent study from market research firm Global Market Insights pointed to the anticipated growth in the integrated passive devices (IPD) market as it offers manufacturers of devices reduced interconnection complexity, improved performance, reduced package footprints, improved component tolerance, and output, and better flexibility. These advanced characteristics will escalate the high adoption rate of integrated passive devices in numerous smart consumer wearables, IoT and AI-enabled devices, infotainment and navigation systems in automobiles and apparently future Apple devices.


It's being reported today by DigiTimes (paywall report) that Apple is expected to significantly increase the adoption of IPD (Integrated Passive Device) in new iPhones and other iOS products, providing manufacturing partners TSMC and Amkor with strong business opportunities.


The report further added that peripheral chips for iPhones, iPad and MacBook series are going slimmer with higher performance to allow more space for larger-capacity battery solutions for the devices, with the demand for IPDs to grow sharply in line with the trend, the sources said.


A technical paper from CEA -Leti  and the company IPDiA in France states that "The  3D  Silicon  technology  of  IPDiA  is  a  disruptive  technology for miniaturization adopted by the best  players  in  the  Medical  and  Industrial segments for its outstanding performance and reliability demonstrated in harsh environments."


While the rumor didn't specify when Apple would be adopting IPD technology, it could be a part of TSMC's next-gen 3DFabric technology being aimed for TSMC's 3nm processors that are tentatively scheduled for 2022.


In June, we covered an Apple patent that stated at one point: "In another aspect, embodiments describe interposer chiplet configurations which may optionally include an integrated passive device, such as resistor, inductor, capacitor, etc. Various modifications and variations for integrating an interposer chiplet within a package are contemplated in accordance with embodiments."


The patent, while granted first in March 2021, dates back to 2017. So Apple has been working on the possible use of miniaturization technology, such as IPD, for at least the past four years.


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