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Apple has been working on an "underwater mode" for a future iPhone since at least 2017 and has been granted three patents on this possible future feature (01, 02 & 03) thus far. Interestingly enough, Samsung has likewise been working on this same project for about the same amount of time. Their patents reveal that they're looking to develop a future Galaxy smartphone with an under water mode as presented below.


On June 22, 2021 Samsung was granted patent 11,042,240 titled "Electronic device and method for determining underwater shooting." Samsung notes in their summary in-part that "an aspect of the present disclosure is to provide an electronic device and a method that determine whether the electronic device is in water and provide a user interface suitable for underwater shooting."


Samsung's FIG. 9 below illustrates a Galaxy Phone being able to shoot in standard (land) mode and an underwater mode. When the phone operates in the underwater shooting mode, the display may indicate underwater shooting is in progress.




In Samsung's patent FIG. 10 above, we can see that the phone will operate in an underwater shooting mode and recognize the illumination required by adjusting to high, mid-level, or low level. You could learn more about this invention/patent here.


Being able to film underwater is going to be a hugely popular feature for users who love snorkeling or underwater diving. Clearly the race is on between Apple and Samsung as to who will bring this to market first.


For Samsung, it's always about beating Apple to market and Apple is always about getting a feature right before releasing it. While I'm hoping that Apple will bring it to market first, I have to admit that Samsung is likely to introduce it first, even if it's not perfect, just to beat Apple.


If taking photos or videos underwater is a feature that you want on a future iPhone, then be sure to make comment on our Twitter feed for this report.


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