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The latest report by Apple analyst Gou Mingchi, known as Ming-Chi Kuo outside of Taiwan, was released today and Patently Apple was able to review it.


According to TF International Securities latest report by Kuo he firstly notes that Sunrex's light guides for scissor switch keyboards has passed Apple's qualification, and it will begin mass production and shipments in 2H21, breaking GLT's exclusive supply position in the past two years.


If Sunrex's shipments of light guides go smoothly, TFI Securities expects Sunrex's supply ratio of light guides to reach approximately 35% and 50% in 2H21 and 2022, respectively.


Kuo expects MacBook shipments could grow 40-45% HoH in 2H21 and that the component shortage will improve in 2H21.


Overall, Sunrex's future growth will be driven by orders for light guides of MacBook scissor switch keyboards, increased penetration rate of iPad Magic Keyboards, the new MacBook Air in 2022, assembly of MacBook scissor switch keyboards and light guides, and structural changes in demand for laptops from working from home (WFH).


Various other tidbits found in the report include:


  • Apple to release a new MacBook Air with a 13.3" mini LED display around mid-2022
  • If component shortages improve, Kuo expects MacBook shipments to grow to approximately 20-22 million units in 2022 (vs. 17-18 million units in 2021) thanks to the new MacBook Air and continued Apple Silicon upgrades.
  • Kuo believes that once Apple decides to have Sunrex and Wistron assemble the keyboard and the light guide, Sunrex will become the leading supplier of the light guide as it is the main supplier of the keyboard (60% market share).


In a secondary report today by DigiTimes Asia, it's revealed that LED backlight unit (BLU) maker Radiant Opto-Electronics is expected to begin shipments for miniLED BLUs for use in new iPad mini in August 2021 as well as those for use in 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro in August-September.


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