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New rumors reveal news on a new iPhone Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera, BOE gaining more display orders while Apple considers larger iPads

1 cover ipad  larger displays contemplated


According to United Daily News, Ming-Chi Kuo (Guo Mingchi in Taiwan) latest report points out that Largan’s ultra-wide-angle camera lens will account for 80% this year, while mold maker Juxiang has exclusively obtained VCM (Voice Coil Motor) chassis orders, and Juxiang will ship iPhone audio for Largan. The exclusive supplier of ring motors (VCM), both manufacturers are expected to benefit.


Benefiting from the advantages of vertical integration of the lens and VCM, Largan is expected to increase the supply of 6P lenses for the autofocus (AF) ultra-wide-angle camera of Largan's new iPhone in the second half of this year to 70~80%, and it is expected to upgrade the Juxiang VCM case. Shipment momentum.


In addition, Kuo further pointed out that the ultra-wide-angle camera that supports AF (autofocus) will only appear on two high-end iPhone models. For more, read the full UDN report.


A second report by UDN states that BOE is slowly gaining more orders for OLED displays for iPhones. BOE is now expected to supply Apple with 20 million displays for next-gen iPhones. Patently Apple reported earlier this month that BOE would start producing higher-end LTPO displays in late 2022. At present, only Samsung will supply Apple with LTPO displays in 2021. BOE is hoping to make gains against Samsung for iPhone business over the next few years.


Yesterday, Mark Gurman posted his first tech newsletter called "Power On" talking about a wide range of topics including a longshot possibility that Apple is working on iPads with much larger displays for the future. At present, however, It seems like a backup plan should the competiton like Samsung continue to release tablets with larger displays to blur the line with notebooks.  



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