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Apple wins Patent for a VR Headset with a Motorized Adjustable Mechanism to assist users find the Perfect Fit

1 cover Apple HMD adjustable mechanism for head fit


Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent that relates to a Head Mounted Display system and more specifically, motorized adjustable support components for head-mounted displays that will provide users with a quick way to find the perfect comfortable fit for the headset.


Head-mounted displays are used by persons having varied head shapes and sizes. Adjustment structures in head-mounted displays may be time consuming to adjust, and finding a comfortable fit may require trial and error by the user.


Apple's granted patent covers a head-mounted display system that includes a housing and an eye chamber to be positioned adjacent to eyes of the user. A support assembly for the head-mounted display includes a headband and an adjustment mechanism that is operable to change fit of the headband relative to the head of the user in response to a control signal. The adjustment mechanism includes a feedback component, and the control signal is generated based on output from the feedback component.


The adjustment mechanism includes a first motorized sliding joint (#1165 seen in patent FIGS. 11A and 11B below) and a second motorized sliding joint (#1166) with each incorporating electric motors and a mechanical interconnection such as a gear rack that causes relative motion of the interconnected parts in response to operation of the electric motor.


The first motorized sliding joint and the second motorized sliding joint could alternatively be controlled by a single electric motor connected to the joints by tension wires or other mechanical components. For example, tension wires could be used to constrict the first motorized sliding joint and the second motorized sliding joint in opposition to biasing forces applied by springs at each of the joints.


Apple's patent FIG. 5A below illustrates a side view showing a head-mounted display including a support mechanism; FIG. 5B is a top view of the head-mounted display with an adjustable support mechanism; FIG. 4 is a detailed illustration of the adjustment mechanism.


2 Apple patent figs for HMD adjustable head mechanism


Apple's patent FIGS. 11A and 11B illustrate an alternative adjustable headset mechanism that goes over the user's head with motorized sliding joints to make adjustments effortless; FIG. 12 is an overview block diagram that shows an example of a hardware configuration for electronic components of a head-mounted display.


3 x Apple granted patent hmd adjustable HMD mechanism


Apple's granted patent 11,036,054 which is titled "Head-mounted display with adjustment mechanism," was published by USPTO today.


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