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Apple was the leading 5G Smartphone Vendor in Q4 2020 and despite growing competiton, Apple remained the 5G Champ in Q1 2021 hands down

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Today Ken Hyers, Director at Strategy Analytics, stated that "Global 5G smartphone shipments grew a healthy 6% QoQ and hit a record 136 million units during the first quarter of 2021. Demand for 5G smartphones remains very strong, particularly in China, United States, and Western Europe. We forecast global 5G smartphone shipments to reach a record 624 million units for the full-year 2021, soaring from 269 million in full-year 2020."


The charts from Strategy Analytics below clearly show that Apple was 5G smartphone champ in Q4 2020 and even in light of a traditional slower first quarter, Apple remained the top 5G vendor Q1 2021 and almost doubled second place vendor OPPO. Samsung was only able to scratch out a fourth place finish in Q1-21.


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2 Strategy Analytics 5G smartphone winners


Oddly the Strategy Analytics report presented a crazy slanted perspective about Samsung's amazing 79% growth in 5G shipments in Q1 over Q4 2020. Yet in reality Apple shipped 40 million 5G phones versus Samsung only shipping 17 million phones. So there's nothing amazing about their shipment when compared to what Apple delivered in hard fact shipments.


I was watching a political show last night on TV when this analyst made me laugh by saying there are lies, bigger lies and statistics. Today's Strategy Analytics report proves that statement out by trying to make consumers focus on a "growth" statistic, when in the larger bigger, it means absolutely nothing in terms of leadership and market positioning.


If you're interesting in reviewing this slobbering slanted Samsung report, click here.


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