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Apple sued by 'ShutterCount' App Developer for Copyright Infringement

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Plaintiffs Laszlo Pusztai and DIRE Studio, owners of an App on the App Store called "ShutterCount," have filed a 7-count lawsuit against Apple for direct Copyright and contributory copyright infringement.


According to the formal complaint, "The company gave written notice to Apple in June 2018 that a Russian infringing app on the Appl Store by the name of the "Pavlikhin" App was infringing on the ShutterCount" App's code.


Apple declined to remove the Infringing Pavlikhin App from the App Store, resulting in substantial damage to Plaintiffs. Instead, Apple continued to distribute, and to collude in the distribution of, the Infringing Pavlikhin App, to its profit and to Plaintiff’s injury.


For more details, read Apple's full complaint filed with the court in the full SCRIBD document below, courteous of Patently Apple.


   Laszlo Pusztal v Apple by Jack Purcher on Scribd


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