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Rumor points to Apple's use of a smaller Face ID Optical Beam that supports the many smaller iPhone Notch rumors

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According to early morning rumors, Apple will reportedly use a new Face ID VCSEL die  in their 2021 iPhones that is roughly half the size of their 2020 iPhones. This supports the many rumors that have surfaced this year forecasting new iPhone's smaller notch.  The move will also cut production costs, according to Digitimes. The savings in costs will offset the increased costs for iPhone's new LPTO 120Hz always on displays.


Another rumor circulating this morning is from an unproven YouTube leaker by the name of Luke Miani who is claiming that Apple will launch the AirPods 3 on May 18 instead of the expected June 7 WWDC event. The arrival of Apple Music HiFi is to launch at the same event. Miani's rumor contradicts the predictions made by both Ming-Chi Kuo and Digitimes that pointed to Apple's next-gen iPods 3 going into production in Q3.


Jon Poser threw out an event date earlier this year that never panned out and I suspect that this latest rumor solely based on his typing "May 18" on a Twitter post as the only detail of the event will go down as another nothing burger rumor as well. Then again, we'll know for sure next Tuesday.   


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