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Rumor claims that Apple is now assisting TSMC obtain COVID-19 Vaccines as a new wave of the Virus hits Tech companies in Taiwan hard



May has been a tough month for Apple suppliers dealing with COVID-19. On May 11 we reported that Foxconn's iPhone production was down in India with more than 100 employees in India contracting the virus. Then last Friday we reported that the Vietnamese government ordered Foxconn to temporarily shut down it's factory that makes iPads and MacBooks. Today we're learning of a more serious matter.


While having production of Apple products temporarily slow down is of a concern, it's a little more serious when TSMC gets into trouble with COVID-19 as it could shut down all of Apple's processors.


We're learning today from Taiwan that "The new crown pneumonia virus has spread throughout Taiwan, and the technology industry has also spread the epidemic.


The market has reported that because Apple is worried about chip disconnection, it is helping to obtain Pfizer or Moderna vaccines for TSMC and employees' families. In this regard, TSMC refused to comment on the matter.


In the semiconductor industry, TSMC, World Advanced and Nanya Technology have reported that employees have been diagnosed with COVID-19.  The report further noted that Largan and Jingpeng have also had employees who have confirmed the diagnosis. People in Taiwan are now panicking everywhere.


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