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Microsoft's CEO Reveals at Developer Conference that the most significant update to Windows OS in over a Decade is on the way

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While Apple's WWDC21 begins on June 7, Microsoft opened their Build 2021 developer conference today with CEO Satya Nadella revealing that the next-generation of Windows is on the way as is revealed in the video snippet below. Nadella stated that he's been testing out the new Windows OS that is one of the most significant Windows updates in the past decade.  



The Verge believes that Microsoft's new operating system will support a new App Store. Rumors have suggested Microsoft may even allow third-party commerce platforms in apps, so developers could avoid Microsoft’s own 15 percent cut on apps and 12 percent cut on games. If true, it's no wonder that Microsoft wanted to support Epic Games against Apple's App Store.


The Verge report stated that "Nadella’s specific mention of a 'next generation of Windows' is interesting, too. Microsoft typically refers to everything as 'Windows 10,' and this language could suggest the company is preparing a more significant shift with Windows branding than just the user interface alone.


Some of that work has already started, with new system icons, File Explorer improvements, and the end of Windows 95-era icons. Microsoft is also focusing on improving the basic foundations of Windows, with fixes for a rearranging apps issue on multiple monitors, the addition of the Xbox Auto HDR feature, and improvements to Bluetooth audio support." For more, read The Verge report with it's many links to various features that could be coming to Windows.


With foldable notebooks rumored to be coming to market from Microsoft, Samsung, HP, Dell and Lenovo this fall, you have to wonder if the next-generation of Windows will launch at that time.


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