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Apple's Latest Ad on Privacy is bound to Strike your Funny Bone

1 cover Apple ad on Privacy

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Over the weekend I was shopping around for a new floor stand-style fan and I was particularly interested in both the Dyson Cool Tower and their Desk Fan. Then as the work week began, I had 'Best Buy' ads on Patently Apple constantly reminding me that the Dyson Cool Tower Fan was on sale. Was that a mere coincidence? Of course not, I was targeted by a tracking ad. This is quite a common experience. And so today's new Privacy Ad from Apple particularly struck my funny bone and it just might hit yours if you've ever experience tracking ads before. The little ad Bas%@&ds follow you everywhere.



2 Apple  Privacy matters


Apple's ad was almost as funny as Google trying to convince the world that their devices offer the most privacy in the industry. I just don't know how anyone could ever top that line for humor.


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