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Last Sunday Patently Apple posted a report titled "While one Taiwanese Hon Hai Worker has died in India from COVID, in general, the three main iPhone Plants are not affected." When it comes to COVID, circumstances could dramatically change day-to-day and week-to-week and 7 days later, Apple's iPhone partners Wistron and Hon Hai have since reported infections at their respective plants.


According to a new report posted by Taiwan's United Daily News, "After the employees of Wistron’s Indian plant were infected, the Hon Hai Group also issued a statement yesterday (May 8) confirming that colleagues in the Indian plant have been tested positive for the new crown pneumonia.


On the premise of the first priority, the company has arranged for the confirmed colleagues to be isolated for diagnosis and treatment in the medical institution, and the relevant factories have also completed environmental disinfection in accordance with standard operating procedures. The Indian factories are still operating.


Hon Hai emphasized that it will continue to provide employees with necessary anti-epidemic materials and assistance, and will also cooperate with government policies to respond to future changes in the epidemic."


COVID's infection rated in India is staggering in scope. The UDN report stated that "According to the latest statistics, India added more than 400,000 new coronary pneumonia cases in a single day (May 8), which is only a slight decrease from the previous day. However, the lack of local medical resources has caused many patients to die without seeking medical treatment.


The number of deaths in a single day was the same as that of yesterday. It broke the 4,000 barrier and reached 4,191; the total number of new coronary pneumonia cases reached 21.88 million, and the cumulative death toll was more than 230,000.


Due to the rapid increase in the epidemic situation in India, the local Apple supply chain may be affected. Wistron has suspended operations for several days, which has aroused great concern in the market.


Local industry insiders pointed out that at present Apple’s two foundries, Wistron and Hon Hai, are both affected by the new crown pneumonia in India. Although they have not had a significant impact on production capacity, if the epidemic continues to expand, and India is likely to be closed nationwide, it will affect the supply chain. Development in India is still unfavorable.


In addition, the new government of India’s Tamil Nadu province has not yet expanded its control. The main reason is that if Hon Hai is forced to close the Chennai apple production line plant, it may have an impact on the local economy and production. Therefore, Hon Hai is not required to temporarily close the plant. Hon Hai's apple production line factory in Chennai is still operating normally.


As for Wistron, after three Taiwanese officials were found to be diagnosed a few days ago, they immediately notified the local government and shut down the factory for five days for disinfection in accordance with standard epidemic prevention procedures. During this time, they will be fully screened for employees and prepare to bring all employees to vaccinate."


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