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It was reported back on April 6, that Samy Bengio, a prominent research manager in Google's artificial intelligence division had resigned from the company. The move comes after months of turmoil following the high-profile oustings of two AI ethics researchers on his team. Today we're learning that Apple has hired the former distinguished Google scientist.


Bengio is expected to lead a new AI research unit at Apple under John Giannandrea, senior vice president of machine learning and AI strategy, two people familiar with the matter said. Giannandrea joined Apple in 2018 after spending about eight years at Google.


Bengio who left Google last week after about 14 years said last month he was pursuing "other exciting opportunities."


As one of the early leaders of the Google Brain research team, Bengio advanced the 'deep learning' algorithms that underpin today’s AI systems for analyzing images, speech and other data. Source.


To go deeper into the Google Turmoil, read Bloomberg's in-depth report titled "Google Ethical AI Group’s Turmoil Began Long Before Public Unraveling."


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