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An Apple Watch Survey in Brazil asked users about managing health care that included Medications and Glucose Monitoring

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A new report provides information about a partial survey Apple has reportedly sent out to Apple Watch users in Brazil about health monitoring including managing medications and glucose monitoring as presented below in Portuguese translated to English.


(Click on image to View Survey Translation larger)

2 Survey Portuguese  Brazil


It's not exactly glaring evidence that Apple will deliver an Apple Watch glucose monitoring feature in the short term but it does show that the Apple Watch team is interested in user feedback on this possible future health feature. The original partial survey was sent 9to5Mac and could be viewed here.


There have been rumors on the possible introduction of glucose monitoring in the next Apple Watch, though why do a survey if the feature is guaranteed to be out this year? There seems to be a credibility gap here.


On January 6 Patently Apple posted a report titled "In an effort to get ahead of Apple Watch Health Features, Samsung has patented a Wearable Blood Sugar monitoring device." Then on January 24, Korea's ETNews reported that Samsung was set to deliver a blood glucose measurement function for their next-gen Galaxy Watch 4 coming in the second half of 2021.


The rumor report went one step further by claiming that the next-gen Apple Watch 7 would also be introducing a similar blood glucose monitoring system.


There's no doubt that Apple is working on a glucose monitoring system, as we reported way back in 2017 that a "Secret Apple Team" was closing in on diabetes testing breakthrough using an Apple Watch. A 2015 patent figure in that report, now illustrated below, shows Blood Sugar measurement data being shown on an iPhone.  


3 blood sugar iphone


The only thing in question at present is the timing of this feature coming to a future Apple Watch. This may very well be they year that this feature comes to Apple Watch, but the timing of the Brazilian survey would strongly suggest that Apple is still in research mode. 


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