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The Apple TV+ Action Film 'Greyhound' won an Award for Sound Editing at the 68th Golden Reel Awards

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Yesterday we reported that Greyhound had lost out to 'The Sound of Metal' for a sound award at Cinema Audio Society Award on Saturday. Though Greyhound would not be denied an award for Best Sound.


The Hollywood Reporter writes that Greyhound won an award for 'Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Effects/Foley' at the 68th Golden Reel Awards.


The Apple TV+ winners were, Supervising Sound Editors: Warren Shaw, Michael Minkler, Will Digby, MPSE Sound Designers: Ann Scibelli, Jon Title Sound Effects Editors: Jeff Sawyer, Richard Kitting, Odin Benitez, MPSE; Jason King Foley Editor: Luke Gibleon Foley Artist: Marko Costanzo.


Greyhound is also a nominee for an Oscar relating to Sound Editing and the winner will be announced this coming Sunday, April 25.


Lastly, the Apple TV+ Series 'Servant' was also a winner for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Live Action Under 35:00 WINNER Servant: "2:00" (Apple+) Supervising Sound Editor: Sean Garnhar tSound Effects Editor: Mark Filip Dialogue Editor: Michael Feuser Music Editor: Lesley Langs Foley Editors: Julien Pirrie, Gareth Rhys Jones


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