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Every school pupil in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland's Capital, in elementary and high school will be receiving an iPad as part of the country's new "Edinburgh Learns for Life" program.


Key elements of the Empowered Learning program, which will see a phased roll out of all the devices completed by the end of 2022, include: 27,000 new iPads being issued to pupils/staff, refreshed iPads for up to 12,000 pupils/staff and expanding the wireless connectivity in schools by providing wireless access points and a comprehensive program of professional learning for teachers.      


Benefits for students include:


  • Fair and equal access from P6 to S6, ensuring all pupils have personal access to digital learning with their teacher in school or at home
  • Effective digital workflow to increase engagement, improve teacher feedback and raise attainment
  • A range of innovative accessibility features to improve access to the curriculum for pupils with additional support needs
  • Pupils can work online simultaneously in a class or collaboratively outside the classroom
  • High quality digital applications for productivity and creativity, providing more ways to personalize and choose how they learn
  • Development of learning, thinking and digital literacy skills vital for success in today’s rapidly evolving, technological society


The 1:1 program reinforces city council's commitment to becoming one of the world’s ‘smartest cities’ – last year Edinburgh was listed in the Smart City of Year Digital 100 shortlist following recent work by the Council, CGI and other providers to enhance connectivity and embrace new technologies.


Statement by Councillor Ian Perry, Education Convener for the City of Edinburgh Council:


"This is a really exciting project which is going to be a real game-changer for the learning and teaching in our schools. Giving pupils their own device has been shown to improve outcomes and result in increased engagement and motivation for our young people. It will create a learning environment which will drive higher levels of creativity also improve teacher and learner collaboration.


The roll out will build on the skills developed by our teaching staff by having many more opportunities to use digital technology and create effective digital leadership teams in all our schools. In addition to giving pupils their own devices we’ll make sure the IT infrastructure is in place by increasing the bandwidth capacity and wi-fi connectivity in our schools."


Statement by Councilor Alison Dickie, Education Vice Convener for the City of Edinburgh Council:


"This 1:1 roll out fits with the three goals of Edinburgh learns for Life – to transform, connect and empower. Giving every young person from P6 upwards their own device, is yet another tool in the educational toolbox to support and ensure the fullest potential of every child.


It’s so important for all our young people to have equal access as lockdown demonstrated quite starkly how some of our young people struggled because they didn’t have their own device. It’s essential that each learner is on a level playing field so the equity gap in Edinburgh does not widen. It will help equip all of our young people with the skills required for the modern workplace and our way of life in the digital age." For more on this news, review the full announcement made by the City of Edinburgh Council last week.


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