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It's being report today that Apple grabbed six places in the global top 10 best-selling smartphone models’ list for January 2021. The Apple iPhone 12 led the list followed by the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. These three iPhone 12 models contributed to 71% of Apple’s total sales for the month.


There was a pent-up demand for 5G upgrades within the iOS base which, along with strong carrier promotions, resulted in robust sales for the iPhone 12 series. Besides, Apple launched the new iPhone series later than the usual date, resulting in strong demand for these models spilling over into January.


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Close to one-third of Apple’s sales for the iPhone 12 series came from the US. This was due to strong carrier promotions and 5G demand. The iPhone 12 Pro Max was the top-selling model in the US, as consumers preferred the high-end version. Old models iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 11 also continued to do well.


The iPhone 12 mini made it to the top 10 list, trailing the other iPhone 12 series models as well as the iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 mini, which offers specs similar to that of the iPhone 12 at a lower price, failed to attract buyers because of a smaller display and lower battery capacity.


With the 5G network rollouts picking pace, OEMs are launching more 5G devices across various price segments. Even though 5G networks are not yet operational in many regions, OEMs are still launching 5G devices there with many customers preferring a 5G phone to avoid any disruption in their replacement cycle later. 5G is slowly becoming a standard offering and as prices continue to come down, we will see more mid-tier 5G capable smartphones in the bestseller list in the coming months. For more on this, read the full Counterpoint report.


In January we reported that 2021 5G iPhone expansion to more models was likely, and more importantly, 5G  models with millimeter wave antennas for the highest quality 5G. Apple was reportedly in the process of giving Qiqi, a Wistron acquired company, a large order for millimeter wave antennas for 2021 iPhones.   


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