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Apple Reveals the ability of a future HMD to perform major Display Expansion Operations on a Mac, MacBook or TV

1 cover  display expansion operation


Patently Apple discovered a patent application from Apple made in Europe titled "Wearable electronic device presenting a computer-generated reality environment." WIPO published the patent this week. The patent describes the process as a virtual 'display expansion operation" that relates to a Mac, MacBook or TV etc.


Apple's summary notes that the patent covers an exemplary process for dynamically controlling the size of a display. A user wearing a mixed reality Head Mounted Device (HMD) could be viewing a display (Mac, MacBook or TV) and expand it as needed virtually.


For instance, if a user is working on a large graphic or spreadsheet, the user would be able to expand the physical device's display seamlessly with virtual extensions for height or width as need which is presented in the patent figures further below.   


Apple's patent FIGS. 4A and 4B below illustrate an example of resizing operations of a larger wall size display or TV. FIG. 4A illustrates user 202 and electronic device 200 a wearable electronic device (e.g., an HMD).


3 x display expansion operation


In patent FIG. 4B illustrates an example top-view configuration of resizing operations. In this illustration we an expansion operation of a display. For example, the user may drag a visual object from one location within the display area of display #204 toward edge #432 of display 204 in direction 452. User 202 may continue to drag the visual object to a location outside of display 204 proximate to edge 432, causing display 204 to expand from edge 430 in direction 452.


In a second example, Apple's patent figures below illustrate a MacBook-like foldable device. In patent FIG. 10G we see another example of a resizing operation, that expands the dimensions of the physical MacBook's in height and width as needed.


This could come in handy if most of your work is done on a 13" MacBook but when working on a large graphic or spreadsheet, you'll appreciate being able to virtually expand the display until that part of your project is done. Being able to see details clearly would be a benefit. Of course, it requires the user to be wearing an HMD to perform this task.


2 physical keyboard with virtual extention of display's height or width


Apple's patent is deeply detailed and you could review patent application WO/2021/061351 here.


At the same time as the European patent application being made public, a different patent application on this same theme emerged in a new U.S. patent filing titled "Augmented Devices." The set patent figures below are from the U.S. patent application.


Apple's patent FIG. 5 below is a block diagram illustrating a view of a CGR environment that includes video passthrough of a physical environment; FIG. 6 is a block diagram illustrating a view of a CGR environment that includes video passthrough of a physical environment and virtual content that augments an output capability of a second device of the physical environment.


4 us patent figs. 5 & 6 virtually expanding a display

For more details on Apple's U.S. patent application 20210096638 click here.


Considering that these are patent applications, the timing of such HMD featured coming to market is unknown at this time.


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