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The Arizona Bill that was scheduled to be voted on yesterday in the Senate regarding the fate of the App Store was mysteriously killed in mid-air

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On April 4 Patently Apple posted a report about Arizona passing a bill against the App Store. The vote was really close at 31 to 29. The bill was a set back for Apple as it would require the app store to allow app makers to use their own payment processing software, avoiding fees charged by Apple. The report noted that the next phase was for the bill to go to the Arizona Senate to be discussed before passing the legislation. Then, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey would have a choice to veto the bill.


It's now being reported by The Verge that the Arizona Senate skipped the vote on this legislation. The State Senate was scheduled to vote on the unprecedented and controversial bill yesterday, but the vote mysteriously never took place.


Basecamp co-founder David Heinemeier Hansson, a notable Apple critic accused the company for stepping in to stop the vote by hiring a a former chief of staff to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to broker a deal that prevented the bill from being heard in the Senate and ultimately voted on. "The big show turned out to be a no show. The bill was killed in mid-air while on the agenda with a backroom deal."


Arizona's antitrust proposal is largely the work of the Coalition for App Fairness (CAF). The CAF is an industry group formed last year consisting of Epic, Spotify and other companies that are against the app store for financial reasons.


Meghan DiMuzio, the CAF’s executive director, in a statement to The Verge stated that "The legislative session is not over. We will continue to push for solutions that will increase choice, support app developers and small businesses and put a stop to monopolistic practices." For more on this, read the full story on The Verge.  


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