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Rumors claim that TSMC secretly built a 3nm mass production line to fill a massive Intel order & that TSMC & Apple are working on 2nm R&D

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TSMC’s 3nm orders are too strong. While the attention has been on TSMC’s Nanke-18 plant for a 3nm trial production, TSMC has quietly moved the focus of advanced process deployment to Hsinchu, and plans to take the lead in deploying 3nm in Baoshan, Hsinchu.


The report's headline noted that the switch was made to accommodate a huge order for 3nm processors for Intel. Whether the processors are for servers or to secure processors for notebooks and/or desktops for HP, Dell, Microsoft and others is not known at this time. The details of the report are behind a pay wall here.


However, today's report confirms a Digitimes report that was published back in late January 2021. The article  was made public by a leaker known as "RetiredEngineer." Below are a series of snippits from the Digitimes report that was translated.


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2 x  Snippets from a late January 2021 Digitimes report


Interestingly one tiny segment of the Digitimes report that is presented in the last paragraph, states that "TSMC has already begun initial site preparation and cooperation with Apple in technology research and development for 2nm." That was the first time that this news was made public. Patently Apple has  posted three reports on TSMC's future 2nm breakthrough processors here: 01, 02 & 03.


The full tweet from the "RetiredEngineer" with the full translated Digitimes article could be found here.


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