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Over the weekend I stumbled across a granted patent issued to Ciari Guitars by the US Patent & Trademark Office on February 25 2021. The patent is for a foldable stringed guitar. What struck me about the invention was that it mentioned software running on an iPhone or iPad. More specifically, the patent notes that the "travel guitar may be configured to house or receive or otherwise couple to a tablet computer (e.g. iPad by Apple, Inc.) and/or a smart phone (e.g. iPhone by Apple, Inc.) having one or more applications (apps) for driving the operation, functionality and/or effects associated with the travel guitar.


In Ciari Guitar's patent FIG. 39 presented below, the accompanying verbiage states that "The tablet computer and/or smart phone described herein may be coupled to the control electronics (e.g. via proprietary Apple connectors if an iPad and/or an iPhone is used) to electrically connect any of the components forming the control electronics or otherwise coupled to the control electronics. When so employed, the smart phone and/or tablet may be equipped with any of a variety of software applications for driving at least one of the operation, functionality and effects associated with the foldable stringed instrument.


The on-board electronics and/or electronics or software on the tablet and/or smart phone may operate any of the servo motors contemplated as part of the travel guitar of the present invention, including but not limited to servo motors for: (a) moving the neck relative to the body; (b) adjusting the tuning machines in order to auto-tune the travel guitar; (c) adjusting the height of the individual frets on the fret board and/or the saddle on the body and/or the nut on the head of the neck (such height adjustment of the frets, saddle and/or nut may be performed to help tune the travel guitar and/or adjust the action of the strings according to user preference); and (d) adjusting the location of the translating bridge assembly and/or translating truss rods or assembly according to certain aspects.


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Ciari Guitar's patent FIGS. 9-10 presented above are top and bottom perspective views, respectively, of a travel guitar of a still further aspect in the playing or deployed position, with the neck configured to be foldable such that an upper portion of the neck folds away from a lower portion; FIGS. 11-12 are top and bottom perspective views, respectively, of a travel guitar of the type shown in FIGS. 9-10 in the folded or undeployed position, with the upper portion of the neck folded away from the lower portion of the neck.



Evidently an Apple developer created the software to work on iOS running on an iPhone or iPad for this guitar. We tried to reach out to Ciari Guitar to get a better feel for how an iPhone or iPad works with the guitar, but accessing the company directly wasn't possible. We sent them an email and should they get back to us, we'll pass along anything of value.


For finer details, review Ciari Guitar's granted patent number 10,810,974. The "Ascender" is the World's first premium travel Guitar from Ciari.


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