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1 x cover Apple Pencil rumor image


A new photo-rumor today from leaker Mr. White on Twitter claims this is going to be the next-gen Apple Pencil with an exchangeable tip. Back on February 16 Patently Apple posted a granted patent report titled "Apple wins an Apple Pencil patent about exchangeable tips and ends to Expand Functionality + adds in-air Gesture Functionality."


Apple's patent FIG. 3 below below illustrates an Apple Pencil with the tip module (#190) removed from a first end thereof and a functional end module (#120) removed from a second end.


2 apple pencil patent fig with exchangeable tip


Apple further noted that in some embodiments, the functional component (#192) at a tip module (#190) of Apple Pencil could sense when the tip module is contacting a surface. The functional component could include one or more contact sensors, capacitive sensors, touch sensors, cameras, piezoelectric sensors, pressure sensors, photodiodes, and/or other sensors.


This version of Apple Pencil could also include a tip module with ink, paint, lead, or graphite, according to the patent. Whether this part of the patent comes to market is unknown at this time. 


There are dozens of patents on record that Apple could choose  from to bring new features to Apple Pencil over time.


It's unknown at this time if the rumored photo from Mr. White is fake or possibly a past or current prototype that is subject to change. 9to5Mac first discovered the rumor this morning.


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