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Apple Files for 'Nevuary Radio' Trademark Relating to an Apple Music Radio Show hosted by Ari Melber

1 x Cover Nevuary Radio


Ari Naftali Melber is an American attorney and journalist who was the chief legal correspondent for MSNBC. Melber's show has become one of the most viewed shows online, with "13 million viewers per month on YouTube—the highest of any MSNBC show", according to the Daily Beast. Last week Apple filed for a trademark for "Nevuary Radio" the name of a radio show that Melber hosts on Apple Music.


 U.S. Nevuary Radio Trademark Filing (In Part)


2 X Cover Nevuary Radio


Apple filed their trademark specifically under International Class 041 covering:  "entertainment services, namely, providing an ongoing radio program and compiling and publishing music playlists in the field of urban, rap, hip hop, and pop music."


Apple's Supplied Specimen for Nevuary Radio


The U.S. Patent Office defines a specimen as being an example of how a company is actually using their trademark in the marketplace with the goods or services in their application. In this case Apple has provided an Apple Music page. 


3 Apple Specimen for Nevuary Radio 'Specimen'


11. Trademarks & Designs Bar


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