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TWS (true wireless stereo hearables) and smartwatches continued to shore up the wearables market in 2020, with annual TWS shipments expected to grow 83% to 238m units, while smartwatches will weather subdued category spending to increase 2% to tip the 100m mark.


The wearables market is divided into five distinct segments, of which earwear and wristwear comprise the majority of devices. Combined, they accounted for 93% of the overall market with earwear growing fastest on product changes from vendors and shifts in consumer demand.


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Based on the latest figures from Counterpoint Research’s TWS Market Tracker and Smartwatch Model Tracker, premium products continued to lead, with Apple products comprising 29% and 28% of TWS and smartwatch shipments. Ms. Lim observed that, “Apple’s powerful iOS ecosystem, typically comprised of consumers with larger disposable incomes, has been the main driver for growth – especially in terms of revenues.


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