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Kensington to Launch their new Stylish iPad StudioDock in 2021

1 X2  Kensington iPad Studio Dock and charger


While Patently Apple doesn't review or promote third-party accessories throughout the year, there are times when an exceptional new accessory catches our eye. At CES 2021 today, Kensington revealed their new iPad 'StudioDock' that will magnetically attach and detach your USB-C iPad Pro 11” (2018+), iPad Air (2020+) or iPad Pro 12.9" (2018+) in portrait or landscape mode and unleash the creative possibilities with a powerful desktop experience. No drivers required.



Connect. Charge. Create


Kensigton's press release states: "Get the most from your iPad with StudioDock. The ideal iPad docking station that expands more than your desktop options — it expands your creativity.


Magnetically attach and detach your USB-C iPad Pro 11” (2018+), iPad Air (2020+) or iPad Pro 12.9" (2018+) to the elegantly designed StudioDock in portrait or landscape mode, and the possibilities are endless.


Apple ecosystem charging includes Qi wireless iPhone and AirPods charging, as well as optional charging for Apple Watch (K34032WW, sold separately — coming mid-2021) and the iPad itself.


Seamless access to expansion ports, including USB (Type-A and Type-C), HDMI 2.0 video, Gigabit Ethernet, 3.5mm audio, and SD card reader. Three-year warranty.


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2 x Kensington iPad StudioDock coming in 2021


Apple Ecosystem Charging


Charge your entire Apple ecosystem. In addition to rapid charging of your iPad (USB-C at 37.5W -- 108% faster than the Apple 18W charger), includes Qi wireless iPhone (up to 7.5W) and AirPods charging (up to 5W), as well as optional charging for Apple Watch up to 5W (K34032WW, sold separately — coming mid-2021)."


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3 charging with StudioDock


You could sign up to be notified when Kensington will be ready to ship here.


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4 x  iPad StudioDock  Kensington


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