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It's being revealed today that Apple's Revenue in New Zealand for 2020 grew substantially due to the Stay-at-Home Economy

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A new report this morning claims that Apple's New Zealand business in 2020 was "booming." Local subsidiary Apple Sales New Zealand reported revenues of $965.5 million for the year, up from $838.2 million in 2019.


IDG's Reseller News further reported today that "Globally, Apple has been one of the beneficiaries of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite store closures, as users and businesses updated their devices, services and associated technologies to support the shift to remote working."  This was a point that CNBC's Jim Cramer made on Friday, that Apple was "cleaning up thanks to the stay-at-home economy."


The report added that "Apple acquired local wireless charging startup PowerbyProxi in 2017 for an undisclosed sum known to be more than $100 million. The founder of PowerbyProxi, Fady Mishriki, is now managing director of Apple New Zealand.


It is not known how many local employees still work on PowerbyProxi's technologies and how many work on Apple's core business activities." For more, read the full Reseller News report.


Thus far there isn't a dedicated brick and mortar Apple Store in New Zealand. There were rumors back in late 2018 that Apple was linked to a new retail development in-the-making. Then in 2019 there was a job posting for an "Expert – Retail and Customer Service." With New Zealand sales rapidly growing in 2020, will it be enough to push Apple to open a store in New Zealand? Only time will tell. 


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