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Apple's iPhone Devices Dominated Christmas Day Activations in the US by a Landslide Winning 9 out of 10 Spots

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Christmas day in the United States is the single greatest day for new smartphone activations. And despite supply chain delays caused by COVID-19, Apple launched its iPhone 12 line—complete with four 5G-enabled devices—just in time for the holidays, according to US mobile analytics firm Flurry. Amazingly, Samsung didn't make the top 10.


Although Christmas Day smartphone activations were down compared to Christmas in 2019, make no mistake that a lot of Americans still got new smartphones this Christmas. The chart below illustrates the top 10 devices activated.


Believe it or not, it was the iPhone 11 that led the activations. The iPhone 12 Max was basically tied with the iPhone XR for second spot and the iPhone 12 came in fourth.


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2 x Flurry data activations  Apple rules


For more on this, review the full Flurry report.


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