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Apple Wins Patent for a Touch ID Button for Apple Watch

1 cover touch id button for future Apple Watch


Apple introduced Touch ID for iPad Air during their September 15th Special Event and today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent for a similar Touch ID button for a future Apple Watch.


Apple's patent FIG. 1 below illustrates a view of one example of an electronic device with a biometric sensing system and button assembly; FIG. 4C is an exploded view of portions of the embodiment of a biometric sensing system; FIG. 3C is another view of portions of the embodiment of a biometric sensing system.




According to Apple's patent, the Apple Watch processor may apply the biometric identification  (fingerprint) for any of several purposes; for example, user identification, device unlocking, application authorization or to authorize a transaction. In some embodiments, the processor may also instruct the biometric sensor to capture a biometric datum from the user. Fingerprints and DNA are example biometric characteristics.


A capacitive biometric sensor may sense fingerprint characteristics of a user touch that may be used to provide a fingerprint identification of the user. In addition to providing an output that corresponds to a biometric characteristic, the output of the biometric sensor may indicate whether an input (e.g., a touch, a press, or the like) occurs, an approximate location where an input occurs, and/or a measure of the input, e.g., a measurement of absolute capacitance or capacitance change.


Review Apple's granted patent 10,866,619 for finer details.


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