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There have been a number of supply-chain rumors over the course the summer (01, 02 & 03) predicting who would be supplying Apple with mini-LED displays for a series of new Apple products. Apple's iPad and iPad mini were forecast to have mini-LED display by Ming-Chi Kuo and that didn't pan out. We'll know next week if any of Apple's new products will introduce mini-LED displays to enhance the appeal of Apple Silicon based devices.


Kuo has predicted that San'an Optoelectronics will supply 20-30% of Apple's mini-LED products rising to 45-55% by 2022. In August it was reported that LG would be supplying mini-LED displays for the iPad Pro this year. Kuo seemed to back-off and claim that mini-LED displays for other Apple products could be delayed until 2021.


A more definitive claim is being made in the Korean tech press today that "LG Display is preparing to supply its mini-LED backlight LCDs to Apple. Its new display uses a small LED as the backlight and has improved performance in brightness and contrast ratio. Because it is reported that Apple will look to actively use mini-LED LCDs starting with iPads early next year and other products such as MacBook and iMac, there are expected to be changes in the global LCD market and to LCD technology.


The supply chain for mini-LED backlight LCDs is also finalized. Epistar based in Taiwan will supply Mini LEDs while TSMT that is also based in Taiwan will be responsible for mounting of Mini LEDs (Surface Mount Technology). LG Display will then add its LCDs to modules and make and supply finalized displays.


It is likely that LG Display will begin mass-production by the end of this year. It is reported that Apple will release its new iPads sometime during the first quarter of next year.


A spokesperson from the display industry said that Mini LED backlight LCD is able to provide a screen that is closest to the reality as it drastically improves contrast ratio.


While I'm still hopeful that we'll see the new iPad Pro debut with a mini-LED display next week,  it may not ship until early 2021. Apple's other products are somewhat in doubt for next week regarding mini-LED displays. The good news is that we'll definitively know what Apple is doing on this front in just 6 days time and end the ongoing speculation.


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