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Last week Patently Apple posted a report titled "Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims Demand for Apple's Top Products is better than expected with the exception of AirPods." Today U.S. Investment bank Wedbush vehemently disagrees with that assessment.


According to Wedbush, Amazon's best-selling list for Black Friday listed Apple AirPods took the lead. Walmart experienced a similar surge and some channels were even sold out.   


Wedbush is optimistic about the end of the year shopping season driving demand for AirPods to exceed 90 million units and forecasts 115 million for 2021, an annual increase of over 27%.


Taiwan's United Daily News continued by noting that since Black Friday is the largest shopping season in the United States in the whole year, the market is optimistic. Driven by Apple and distributors' aggressive discount promotions, it is expected that the fourth quarter AirPods will reach the peak of single-season sales throughout the year.


The report didn't breakdown which model of AirPods was the fastest mover.  


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