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Atlantic City Educators Reimagine after-school learning using Apple iPads and Macs to Lift a Community

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Today we learn of yet another positive initiative from Apple. Tucked inside the 48 blocks that make up Atlantic City in New Jersey, a small group of determined educators is hard at work. They’re reimagining traditional after-school programs so the students in this community have the tools like iPads and Macs that they need to build their dreams.


This transformation is taking place at a set of new technology labs created by the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City as part of their 21st Century Academic Enrichment Program. The labs, which focus on STEAM — science, technology, engineering, art, and math — as well as design and career training, are equipped with iPad and Mac computers provided by Apple. Leading this new initiative are third-generation Atlantic City residents Stephanie Koch and Mia Williams.


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Koch, CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City: "Atlantic City has been focused on hospitality for so long so we’ve kind of forced ourselves into thinking about just one career pathway. By refocusing on STEAM, we’re arming children with critical thinking, creative expression, and problem solving skills that can be used in the future. We want this to serve as the scaffolding for them to climb to a better tomorrow."


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Mia Williams in charge of running both the STEAM and Design Labs for children up to age 12 and aged 13-18 respectively. "I’m so proud to be a part of this program. It makes me emotional because I watched my grandparents effect change through their work in education here, and they inspired me to want to continue that work to make sure kids here are set up for their future."


Williams’ grandparents were both educators in Atlantic City and she credits them with instilling in her a lifelong passion for learning, and for technology. Her grandfather always had Apple products, so she grew up learning on a Macintosh. Eventually, Williams went on to work for Apple as a creative with the retail team, helping Apple customers learn, explore, and bring their ideas to life. That skillset was a perfect fit for Koch when she needed someone to help her imagine a new framework for the Boys & Girls Club’s after-school programs.


Koch added that "Mia is a professional role model. She shows what’s possible when you bring Apple products and an Apple-trained professional to a community. The kids are engaged by her, and now having this cutting-edge hardware by her side, it excites them even more."


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4x apple_edu-boysandgirlsclub-atlanticcity_steam-labStudents at the Atlantic City Boys & Girls Club’s new STEAM Lab are using iPad to learn the basics of coding.


For more, read the full Apple press release.


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