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Apple invited two Taiwanese Photographers to review the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera

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Earlier today a positive iPhone 12 Pro Max review was posted in Taiwan. The report notes that the iPhone 12 Pro Max was created for the needs of professional photographers.


For the first time, it made a distinction in hardware specifications between the two models of the Pro series. The iPhone 12 Pro Max not only has a 47% larger photosensitive element on the wide-angle camera, it also includes the new shift optical image stabilization function and the new 65mm telephoto camera, which makes full use of the larger iPhone 12 Pro Max body. Space, adding a larger photosensitive element and a stronger telephoto lens.


The hardware specification upgrades such as the photosensitive element, image stabilization system, and 2.5x optical zoom can immediately feel the evolution for photographers who often take photos with iPhone.


The report noted that Apple specially invited photographers Kevin Chen Weiwen and Shi Xinfeng to share their actual trials, works and ideas after shooting 2 days. The two focused on night and dark shots that play into the strength of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 


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The first photographer, Chen Weiwen, said that usually using iPhone 11 Pro is very satisfying with the texture and effect of casual shooting, but using iPhone 12 Pro Max, whether in general shooting or night shooting, you can clearly feel the improvement, especially the skin texture and details of portraits. Colors have better imaging, and the 2.5x zoom is more flexible and easier to use than the original 2x.


The second photographer, Shi Xinfeng, said that in the case of weak light and no night mode, the iPhone 12 Pro Max provides more advantages, regardless of the details or the purity of the picture, the performance is the best in all generations of iPhones, and the upgrade of the telephoto lens provides an amazing and emotional experience.


Photo 1: Shi Xinfeng said that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best iPhone ever in terms of details or picture purity when the light is weak and the night mode is not turned on. A


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Photo 2: Under night mode and a single light source with special colors, the facial features of the characters and the details of the clothes can still be clearly distinguished.


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Photo 3: " In the general shooting mode with a telephoto lens, the eyelash details can still be displayed in a low-light environment, and even the skin texture can be preserved." When you view this photo enlarged, the detail of the skin texture is quite amazing. 


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For more on this, read the full Economic Daily report.


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