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1 Cover HomePod Mini  tradermark report


Apple filed for two key trademarks earlier this week covering the 'HomePod mini' and the redesigned 'Designed by Apple in California' logo.


2 x  HomePod mini tm filing

On October 13, 2020 Apple introduced their latest HomePod speaker device branded the 'HomePod mini' that promises to deliver impressive sound, the intelligence of Siri to get things done, and a smart home experience that offers comfort and convenience without complexity. This week Apple legal got around to filing a trademark for 'HomePod mini' as noted in the partial application below. The text illustrated above is what Apple provided for in their filing. It's not an "official" font as clarified in the filing below. 


3 X Final -  tm filing for HomePod mini - with torn effect


Apple filed for the 'HomePod mini' trademark under the single International Class 009 covering with the following coverage:


"Audio speakers, amplifiers and receivers; digital audio players; sound reproducing apparatus; voice recording and recognition apparatus; microphones; radios, radio transmitters, and radio receivers; wireless communication devices for voice or data transmission; computer hardware for playing, organizing, downloading, transmitting, manipulating and reviewing audio files and media files; electronic devices capable of providing access to the Internet and for the sending, receiving, and storing of digital data; voice-controlled smart audio speakers with virtual personal assistant capabilities; audio speakers controlled by mobile applications; personal digital assistant; electronic voice command and recognition and remote control devices for controlling and monitoring consumer electronics devices, lighting, appliances, thermostats, heating and air conditioning systems, alarm and home security and surveillance systems, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, door and window locks and latches, and home automation systems."


Priority based on foreign filing: To keep the trademark secret until it was revealed, filed it in a priority filing in Liechtenstein under application number 2020458, filed on 06/22/2020. The U.S. filing was made last Tuesday, November 10, 2020.


The New 'Designed by Apple in California' Logo


The second key trademark that Apple has filed for this week, covers the redesigned logo for 'Designed by Apple in California.' The application was filed under serial number 90307484. Below is a graphic illustrating the old logo juxtaposed with the newly redesigned logo.


(Click on the image to Enlarge)

4 X old-new - Designed by Apple in California logos


The partial trademark application is presented below. Apple filed their trademark/logo under International class 009 covering: "computer software for software development."


5 x - FADE effect - tm filing designed by apple in california


Jumbo Image of the Redesigned Logo


(Click on Image to Enlarge)



Apple also filed for this trademark in Hong Kong last week under number 305443236, under the same International Class 009.


It should be noted that International trademark classes that Apple files their trademarks under are important as the trademark registration will only protect those classes that have been identified in their original application. In a legal battle, the classes filed for originally could make or break a legal case.


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